Gmail Flake Fixed at!

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Finally! The Gmail Flake at now has the option to show “All, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 or 15″ unread emails. Before it would show all of your unread emails by default. This was not desirable, so now that it’s fixed I’ll be using it as my homepage portal; officially switching from Personalized Google Homepage.

Earlier this month on a previous blog post about Pageflakes, Ole Brandenburg commented that a fix for the Gmail flake issue was in the works. He came through for us and now my biggest complaint has been resolved. Now I’ll just keep an eye out for more flakes that I currently use on Google (google calls them modules) and within a matter of time Pageflakes will certainly rival Google as a portal page! Good job, Ole. Keep up the great work!

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Pageflakes Tempts Me, Again

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I got an email from Ole today about a new feature on Pageflakes.  I introduced you to Pageflakes early in April and compared them to other “Ajax Desktops”, as they’re being called.  I had good things to say about Pageflakes, but they were still lacking in some areas.  Ole made a comment to my posting and asked for suggestions.  Little more has been done in the way of my suggestions, but his announcement today was cool to hear.  Here is the email:

Dear Pageflakes User,

Until now, Pageflakes was your very own personalized start page. From
now on you can also share your pages (with your friends or colleagues)
or publish them for everyone to see!

Why not put together a team page for your sports club with the latest
sport results, shared to-do lists and sport news feeds? Or how about an
easy way to share business contacts, manage group tasks and exchange
notes and ideas with your colleagues at work?

Just move your mouse over the tabs at the top of your page and select
’share page’ or ‘publish page’. The default setting is private - so as
long as you don’t share or publish a page, only you can view it.

As always, we’ve also been active on the flake adding side. Check out
our latest additions:

- Bookmarks Flake
- Indeed Job Search Flake
- Writely Flake
- Yahoo! Finance Flake

.and many more.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Any feedback, questions and
suggestions are welcome. And remember, try the new sharing and
publishing features. They add a whole new dimension to Pageflakes.

With best regards

Your Pageflakes Team
Email: [email protected]

My new published Pageflakes page is available for all to see what I’m reading.  It’s a bunch of RSS feeds (in the form of flakes) that I keep up on, so you can read what I’m reading…if you even care.

So, the question begs to be asked, “Am I switching from Google Personalized Homepage to Pageflakes?”  The answer is still “Not yet.”  As soon as somebody fixes the Gmail flake to allow me to set how many emails in my inbox to display at one time, I’m not switching.  The other modules I use on Google will certainly be added to Pageflakes in due time, but I can’t stand looking at a long list of emails.  (And no, I don’t want to manage my Inbox better.  That’s the great thing about searchable Gmail and nearly 3 Gigs of storage; I’m not forced to stay organized.  I can just let it all build up and do a simple query when necessary!)

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Pageflakes, Competition for Personalized Google

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I came across today (primarily because somebody came to my site from there) and found the site very cool! The familiar Ajax loading icon that I use for my comments on this blog told me right away that it was made with Ajax. is a customizable web portal like unto Google’s Personalized Home that I’ve been using for quite some time now.

I’ll be giving this a try over the next few weeks and sooner or later I’ll make a desicion between this new option and what I’ve been using in the past. I’ll report on my decision at a later date. Things that I like already are the ability to create multiple pages, a feauture I was just wishing for tonight as I added yet another module to my Google Page. Things are starting to get crowded.

Windows Live is yet another “Ajax Desktop” but it looks cruddy comparatively to both Google and Pageflakes.  It won’t be long before Yahoo turns out their version as well.  Come to think of it, they may already be doing that with “My Yahoo”.

A quick search revealed some more options that are out there!  In fact, there are too many to choose from (listed alphabetically in addition to the three mentioned above):

If you’ve used one or more and you have a preference or opinion, please post a comment.

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