Has NetVocates Visited Your Blog Recently?

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NetVocates LogoMany bloggers are starting to notice some new referrals from a company called “NetVocates” (mine showed up as coming from arrca.netvocates.com to be specific).

I recently invited a guest blogger (who writes under the pseudonym D. Sirmize) to share his political opinions on my blog. I began to get hits (55 to date) from NetVocates a couple days after his first political post. It would seem that whatever they’re currently looking at is based on opinions of a political nature.

Political posts of the last week or so include titles such as, “My Favorite Political Blogs“, “Liberal Bias in Mainstream Media“, “Liberal Media Bias: Follow-up #1“, and “Google Admits Mistake with China, But…“.

Other bloggers that have written about visits from NetVocates seemed to have an Al Gore video in common. None of his posts mention Al Gore, but it would seem that the common link is certainly of a political nature.

Mindcaster, PSoTD, and Baraka, have all posted about visits and have all speculated as to the whys and whats, but no clear answers have emerged. Robin of cybersoc.com speculated about the relationship between CustomScoop and NetVocates which he says were owned by one and the same, Chip Griffin. That theory was rebutted by Chip [interadvocacy.com] himself, but in his “verbose” post he didn’t answer the more nagging question: Which of his clients are interested in our content and what exactly are they doing with it?

So I asked him.

Verbose is good and, for me at least, you’ve cleared up the speculation concerning the link between CustomScoop and NetVocates.

But we’re still all wondering why our blogs are being visited. It would seem that our political content is the common link. What client of yours might be interested in that? I suppose that would be confidential information, but we’re all dying to know!

As far as knife making goes, I’m sure you could whip something up…if you’re life depended on it. ;)

I’m just curious more than anything, as most of the people who are searching for answers about NetVocates are. Perhaps we’ll find some answers, perhaps not.

Please let us all know what else you find out, or just post a link to your blog and we’ll continue to speculate as to what content they might be interested in specifically.

Perhaps we were targeted by accident since two of our recent titles has the word “bias” in it, which happens to be an acronym for the sub-header at NetVocates.com: Blog Intelligence and Advocacy Service (BIAS).

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