Finding New Music Based On What I Already Like

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How would it be to be able to tell someone that one of your favorite songs is “Dreaming in Colour” by The Art of Noise and then they could tell you that you’d likely also like tracks that feature mellow rock instrumentation, electronica influences, new age influences, a vocal-centric aesthetic and a clear focus on recording studio production. Then they would play things with that focus in mind and you could say, “Yea, I like that” or “No, that’s not exactly what I like.” Pretty soon you have an entire radio station customized to the style of music you like and you’re discovering new artists that you never knew existed!

That’s what the folks at the Music Genome Project have done. They’ve created a service called Pandora that will allow you to create multiple radio stations based on a favorite artist or even just a song. Give it a shot! You’ll be surprised how fun it is to listen to new music and expand your music experiences!

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