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I’m not much of a blog reader.

(And thus probably not much of a blogger).  But informed opinions- be they political, religious, or philosophical- benefit greatly from a diversity of source material.  So many people base their personal opinions entirely on headlines and news blurbs and don’t take the time to study things out for themselves.  Informative political blogs can be a refreshing alternative to a decidedly left-leaning mainstream media.  Here are a few of my favorite political blogs:

James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today
Ok, this is technically an official newspaper article in the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page,  But Mr. Taranto’s upbeat and witty perspective on they day’s political stories reads like a blog and gives a humorous insight into the world of politics.  Taranto takes the stance of an Inside Outsider, focusing mainly on beltway reaction to and media coverage of politics, exposing hypocrisy and bias, and cutting through spin to explore an issue’s roots.  Taranto breaks down new daily political matters while keeping his finger on the pulse of ongoing ones.  He is an excellent writer that will have you hooked whether you agree with his take or not.  A must-read for the politically informed.

Bottom Line:  Taranto is an optimistic conservative amused at the political antics inside the beltway and in the press.

Michelle Malkin
Ms. Malkin is a prominent author and political commentator.  If you watch any cable news, you’ve likely seen her as a frequent guest on FNC, MSNBC, CNN, and C-SPAN.  Malkin’s take on politics is unique in that she’s young and a minority (she’s a Filipino American).  Her blog is less of a journal and more of an information center for issues like immigration, crime, and the War on Terror.  Malkin writes a weekly column for, and broadcasts an online newscast at

Bottom Line:  Malkin’s take is fresh, satirical, and unabashedly conservative.

Little Green Footballs
Editor Charles Johnson is a “9/11 conservative” (an otherwise liberal Democrat who converted to strategic conservatism after the 9/11 wake-up call), who focuses on stories about Islam that the mainstream media ignores.  He tackles bleak subjects like terrorism and Radical Islam with humor and wit.  LGF is perhaps best known for exposing the infamous CBS Bush National Guard documents as forgeries in Oct. ‘04, embarrassing CBS and ultimately forcing Dan Rather into an early retirement.

LGF, like, is less of a journal and more of an infocenter.  Johnson quotes and links to stories that the mainstream doesn’t dare touch.  I’ll admit, LGF isn’t a particularly fun read.  But it will open your eyes to some things that Western society would be unwise to ignore.

Bottom Line:  Johnson is a fair, yet politically incorrect self-proclaimed “Infidel.”


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  1. For our readers convenience, the RSS Feeds of these blogs can easily be accessed at our shared Pageflakes page, “Political Blogs of Note“.
    We may add more to this page in the future.

    Comment by Tyler — May 15, 2006 @ 10:01 pm

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