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There are some writers who when I read their writings, I just thirst for more. Sometimes it is the subject matter that is alluring, but most times it is their writing style. Such is the case with D. Sirmize who will be guest blogging here at Desultory Thoughts on a permanent basis.

He will fit in well, adding to the desultoriness (I may have just made up a new word) of this blog. He’ll likely wax political at times and then sometimes, as with his first entry, he’ll share with us an adventure. One of the great things about D. Sirmize is his ability to relate things to his own experiences, so we’ll be getting to know more about him as he shares with us his opinions, adventures and stories.

I’ve been prodding him to guest blog here at Desultory Thoughts for quite some time; I’m quite pleased that he has accepted the offer. Now I can enjoy his writings on a more regular basis. It will benefit us all!

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