Fox “Prison Break” Puts Cooper Stash in Tooele, Utah

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Tooele, UtahOne of the characters in “Prison Break” [] is named Westmoreland who everyone thinks may be the infamous D.B. Cooper []. He has denied it…until tonight when he revealed his secret to Michael.

“The money’s buried under a silo at the Double K Ranch, just outside of Tooele, Utah. There’s plenty to split.” C-Note and Michael listen closely, “The government didn’t want any more embarrassment when I took off with that money, so they low-balled it in the papers. Truth is, Michael, it’s not one million under that silo, there’s five million dollars there.”

They even pronounced it correctly! I was surprised. Tooele is pronounced “too-will-a” for those who missed the episode. I’ve lived in Tooele, Utah for almost a year now. I really like it out here. It’s one of the fastest growing populations in Utah. I’m not aware of any silo on the “Double K Ranch”. I’ll keep my eye out for it, though. I wonder if in the series they’ll get to Tooele and find the money. It will be interesting to see how they portray our growing town on TV.

“Prison Break” is a show that I can slightly identify with since I worked at the jail as a Corrections Officer for two years. Heather probably gets annoyed with how many times I say, “There is no way that would happen!” But I probably say just about as much, “They got that right.” As a result, the show is probably not the most wholesome show I ever watched, but it is quite suspensful. Heather says she hates it because they’re always on the verge of getting caught; but that’s what makes the show exciting. It looks like tonight they may have actually escaped! We’ve been waiting the entire season for this moment.


  1. I absolutely love the show!!!!! Keep up the good work. Oh, and by the way my fiance absolutely adores Michael, ” he is sooooooooo sexy” she says.

    Comment by Richard Keppel — May 15, 2006 @ 6:11 pm

  2. does anyone know evelyn borrego??? i dated her untill she had to move back home which is tooele. if you know her please tell her to give me a call or email. [email protected] 714 957 1755…… by the way i liked that small town, i also like that one little bar the venus i think, she took me there when we visted in early 2005. anyways F im just rambling but please i know its a small town and everyone knows everyone if you could help that would be greatly appreciated

    Comment by mark — September 7, 2006 @ 1:32 pm

  3. […] Tooele nello Utah è una cittadina tranquilla e di provincia, che si è molto stupita del clamore che Prison Break ha portato. Il suo catasto è aperto ai visitatori ma non mostra mappe della città a evasi dal Fox River. […]

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