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As I read blogs I get to see the good and bad of design. I’ve modified my design from a template provided by Blogger and I think it looks fine. One thing that I like on many blogs is a mini-calendar that serves as navigation tool. WordPress 2.0 [] has a nice calendar plugin which is something is definatley missing. If I hadn’t signed up with Blogger quite some time ago, I might actually consider switching to WordPress based on many available plugins.

I’m really good at procrastinating. I should be finishing up a video project that has an upcoming deadline, but instead I’m confessing that I wasted a couple of hours today trying to add a calendar feature [] by Johan Sundstrom to my blog. I implemented it and then decided it’s not exactly what I had in mind. I didn’t back up my html (even though I was warned to do so) so I had to manually take out all the modifications and get things back to the way I had them. What a pain!

Besides finishing a video project, I should have been preparing for the lesson I have to teach in Elder’s Quorum tomorrow. The lesson is on forgiveness, a subject that I particulary need help with. There are people in my life that I should forgive, but I’ve been hanging on to it instead of letting Christ take my burden. Usually preparation for a lesson helps me grow in the area that I’m teaching about so that I’m less of a hypocrite when I teach. I’ve been fighting that on this one, just as I have for years now. For all of you readers that are religious, pray for me. I want to forgive.

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